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Van People

‘Van People’

Season 2, Episode 13 -  Aired February 18, 2015

When Erica gets into an argument with Murray over the car's gas tank, he takes away her driving privileges. Erica teams up with Barry to retaliate by buying their vehicle, but Murray is insistent that they will follow his rules under his house. As a result, Erica and Barry move into their new van. Meanwhile, Adam's hopes of being class clown are dashed when he is instead voted "nicest guy" in the class yearbook.

Quote from Barry

Barry: Momma?
Beverly: It's me, love bug. What are you doing out here?
Barry: Eating tuna and getting ready to use the potty bush. I hate being van people.


Quote from Pops

Pops: Okay, enough with the potty-mouth in the leather trousers, I'm going to show you what funny was back in my day.

Quote from Erica

Adam: I'm funny, and there's nothing that you or anyone else can say that will change my mind.
Beverly: That's right, squishie. I think you are the funniest boy in the whole wide world.
Erica: We rest our case.
Beverly: You're a wild and crazy guy.
Erica: Again, we rest our case.

Quote from Adam

Dave Kim: Yes, I got best hair on a man!
Adam: Shut up, Dave Kim.

Quote from Adam

Pops: Old Mother Hubbard just wanted to feed her poor dog and he...
Adam: Gotta let it go, man. Gotta let it go.

Quote from Barry

Erica: Don't think of it as a van, think of it as a studio apartment of freedom.
Barry: I don't think I can agree to live in a van.

Quote from Murray

Erica: You will never win. You see this face? This is the face of a winner. And I don't care how long it takes. I will crush you with the weight of a thousand suns.
Murray: Never! I will douse your suns with a thousand buckets of water.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Where are the damn huggies?

Quote from Adam

Adam: So who's getting class clown? It better not be Dave Levy because he didn't choose for milk to come out his nose. He has a deviated septum. So lucky.

Quote from Adam

Adam: And, of course, there's my mom. Always saying, "I have failed as a mother." Crazy, right? Although, if you think about it, two of her kids are living in a van, and the other one's gone into comedy. Ay-oh!
Murray: What is this?

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