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The Tasty Boys

‘The Tasty Boys’

Season 3, Episode 11 - Aired January 6, 2016

Murray doesn't budge when Beverly wants to remodel their kitchen like the Kremps. Beverly devises a plan to do the work herself, but messes up on purpose, so Murray is forced to fix it; but it doesn't go exactly as planned.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: This thing should be in a museum. A museum of ugly refrigerators.


Quote from Beverly

Beverly: And look at this floor, bleugh. No, don't. It'll give you a seizure.

Quote from Murray

Murray: Bevvy, I try new stuff. Like that big, pink orange I ate one time.
Beverly: A grapefruit?
Murray: Yeah, never again. The point is, I love change.

Quote from Pops

Pops: Where did all the tears go? What's happening?
Beverly: What's happening is that I ruined the kitchen on purpose.
Pops: No, you wouldn't. I mean, you would.

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