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The Proposal

‘The Proposal’

Season 8, Episode 22 - Aired May 19, 2021

Geoff tells the JTP he is ready to propose to Erica, but like any good romantic comedy, a series of miscommunications and misunderstandings threaten to derail the joyous moment.

Quote from Adam

Beverly: Where is she?
Geoff: Mrs. G? Mom? Dad?
Beverly: Where's Erica?
Geoff: She's taking a walk. What's going on?
Adam: Let me start from the beginning. You see, I love romcoms. Brea, not so much.
Brea: Really, Adam?


Quote from Barry

Barry: Wait! There's something I need to do first. Joanne, the sweetest fruit of my mother's friend's loins...
Linda Schwartz: It's different when he says it.
Barry: ...will you marry me? Keeping in mind your earlier promise to reject me and... make me the happiest man in the world?
Joanne: No! No! A thousand times no!
Barry: Yes! Here you go.

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