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Quote from Erica in The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Erica: I only said that college is the best because you seemed really positive about it.
Lainey: Oh, no. Fashion school was such a mistake. I like buying clothes and the wearing them part, but making my own stuff sucks 'cause I have to do the sewing.
Erica: You know what's worse? I came here to play music, but all they make me do is read these big, boring textbooks about it.
Lainey: You could sue.
Erica: For sure. I'm not a lawyer, but I have a real case here.


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Quote from Barry

Beverly: I just I wanted to tell Barry, uh, [quietly] don't pitch.
Barry: Did you just call me a "dumb bitch"?
Beverly: No, I said "don't pitch."
Barry: What? That's even worse!

Quote from Barry

Beverly: Look, I spoke to Coach Mellor. He said the most likely outcome here is that you'll be a city-wide pariah.
Barry: [gasps] The fish that have teeth? Yes! They're the sharks of the river.
Beverly: Not "piranha," Barry. I'm saying you'll be a laughingstock.

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Quote from Family Takes Care of Beverly

Barry: I just saved your life.
Erica: What?
Barry: According to the way of the Samurai, you're my servant until the debt is repaid.
Erica: That's not a thing.
Barry: Oh, it is. It's the Bushido code.
Erica: Well, that sounds like complete Bushido.

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Erica: Look, it's Barry's baby helmet.
Barry: No! I thought we gave that back to the institute.
Erica: You were so cute with your little flat head. I used to rest my Kool-Aid on you. Oh my gosh, it's a picture of you all helmeted up. This is gonna look great in the year book.