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Quote from Erica in Weird Science

Erica: Hey! Hi, I'm your roommate, apparently also Erica.
Other Erica: Like, hi. I totally fer sure call top bunk, mostly 'cause your dad already took the bottom.
Beverly: Oh, your roomie's a valley girl. Just like in that movie where everybody's rude and unlikable.
Erica: She'll be gone very soon. Anyway, it's nice to finally meet.
Other Erica: Fer sure.
Erica: Fer sure.
Other Erica: Fer sure.
Erica: Fer sure.
Other Erica: Fer sure.
Erica: Fer sure. Or whatever. I'm not mocking your people.


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Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Hello. By any chance, are you Erica Goldberg's R.A.?
Srini: Yes. I'm Srini. You must be Erica's mother. Don't worry. Your daughter's in great hands.
Beverly: Ah, that is so good to hear. Now shut your [bleep] mouth and do everything I'm about to tell you.
Srini: Oh, dear.
Beverly: You might be the other kid's R.A., but when it comes to my little pickle, you're me. It's your job to see that she's fed, well-rested, and regular.
Srini: Actually, I'm pretty sure my job is to hand out pamphlets and make sure no one's being loud after 10:00.
Beverly: Not anymore. Here's a variety of medicines to help with Erica's allergies and sour tummy. Now, if flu season comes early this year, how's your chicken soup game?
Srini: Soup's really not my area. I'm more of a resident advisor.
Beverly: You have a freezer in your mini-fridge. Keep this in there in case of emergencies.
Srini: I can take out the tiny little ice tray, but I'm still not sure that would fit.
Beverly: You have given me zero confidence that you are up for this important task.
Srini: I agree. I'm not up to it.

Quote from Murray

Murray: Okay, morons. We're only gonna be gone for three days. Try and be alive when we get back.
Erica: All right, that's everything.
Murray: Whoa, what's all this stuff? When I went to college, all I brought were some flip-flops and a cookie.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: I can't believe we're already moving you into college. It seems like only yesterday, I was trying to get your preschool teacher fired for letting you smell those toxic markers.