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Quote from Barry in The 'Dirty Dancing' Dance

Erica: "Dirty Dancing" is at least realistic. A beautiful girl dances into the hearts of a small resort.
Barry: No. Patrick Swayze can only be a badass roadhouse bouncer, not some tight-pants-wearing mountain dancer.
Beverly: You are grounded for six weeks. No TV or phone.
Barry: But I need the phone to talk and the TV to watch television.


 ‘The 'Dirty Dancing' Dance’ Quotes

Quote from Barry

Barry: When will this "Dirty Dancing" oppression end? When will everybody cut loose, footloose, lick off your sundae spoons?
Lainey: Sweetie, I keep telling you, the song is not about ice cream.
Barry: You don't know! No one does.

Quote from Erica

Beverly: He came back and danced dirty, and so will you after I march down to that school and give Principal Ball a piece of my mind.
Erica: No. Let me march.
Beverly: You want to march?
Erica: I do.
Beverly: Down there?
Erica: Yes.
Beverly: To demand unrealistic changes to school policy, with a complete disdain for reason and common sense?
Erica: I learned from the best.
Beverly: I've never been prouder to call you my daughter.
Erica: And I've never been proud to be your daughter until now.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Inappropriate?!
Erica: "Wildly inappropriate."
Beverly: That piece of human [bleep] doesn't know what's inappropriate for children.