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Adult Adam: [v.o.] As Geoff and Barry made their minds up about the summer internship, my mom was determined not to take the cancellation of P.E. sitting down.
Beverly: How could you, Earl? This isn't some silly thing that they're never gonna use like Spanish. This is physical education!
Mr. Glascott: [runs in] Oh. A meeting with a concerned parent. Was this on the books or impromptu? Either way, I'm here. We can begin.
Principal Ball: We've already begun. Mrs. Goldberg wants us to rethink the decision to pull the plug on P.E.
Mr. Glascott: I'll handle this. Beverly, I'm so sorry. Our personal relationship notwithstanding, that ain't gon' happen. [chuckles] See, you can delegate to me. A-And she's twisting my arm! Literally!


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Adam: Adam: Wow. You look like Alyssa Milano in Teen Steam. I only know that because Barry rented it. We watched it in dead silence and went our separate ways.
Brea: Ignoring all that. Your mom is teaching during lunch since the other class filled up.
Adam: Neat. Now none of my peers have to miss out on watching her glisten like Kathleen Turner in the erotic thriller Body Heat. Barry rented that, too.

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Adult Adam: [v.o.] Back in the '80s, everyone was getting physical. Walks were powered, bodies were Jaked, and Richard Simmons made sure oldies were sweated to. No one liked moving their body more than my mom.
Beverly: [gasps] Thank you, Richard Simmons. Your naggy nudginess continues to challenge and inspire.
Mr. Glascott: Is it weird that it's his job to constantly work out, but yet his body looks like mine after Thanksgiving?
Beverly: He is ripped and shredded with enthusiasm.
Mr. Glascott: You're just defending him because you share the same tank-top glitter-er.
Beverly: I wish. All my sparkle comes from these hands.
Mr. Glascott: And that smile. [chuckles] I have an adult friend!

Quote from Mr. Glascott

Adam: Who's ready for the best news in the world?
Mr. Glascott: Did Giuseppe's change their policy and are now accepting parties of one? New Year's Eve, here I come.
Adam: No, and wow.