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Quote from Barry in Riptide Waters

Barry: Yes! Your loss is my win. Plus, I've already gotten like 700 signatures.
Mr. Glascott: These aren't real signatures. "Pete Zapaya"?
Barry: He's a romantic Italian gentleman.
Mr. Glascott: "John A. Signature"?
Barry: The entire Signature family is behind me.
Mr. Glascott: "The Real Charles Barkley"? He wouldn't sign his name like that.
Barry: I was surprised, too, but here it is in ink.
Mr. Glascott: I'm not giving up. I'm gonna knock on every door in town until that park is closed.
Barry: Not if I knock on them first. Youthful run! [runs off]
Mr. Glascott: Dang it!


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Quote from Beverly

Geoff: Thank you both for coming.
Beverly: Uh, if this is your apology bouquet for balling up your hand and punching me in the heart, it is vastly too small.
Geoff: I can't sit back and watch you two tear each other apart, so I came up with a solution. From now on, a totally neutral third party will be making all of our decisions, and her name is Penny. She's gonna decide everything.
Erica: A coin flip? What if it flips to the side I don't want? You haven't thought this through, Geoff.
Geoff: Studies show that people who flip a coin are more likely to follow through with their decisions and report higher overall happiness.
Beverly: My podiatrist's nephew flipped a penny right down his throat one time. It lodged in his intestines and gave him copper poisoning. Doctors had to remove his intestinal tract and hook his stomach directly to his home's sewer pipe. Now he lives and works in the bathroom as a telemarketer. His hours are as flexible as his discharge hose.
Erica: None of that ever happened to a human person, but she does have a point. I don't want to leave things up to chance.

Quote from Mr. Glascott

Mr. Glascott: Well, your "beloved institution" is the reason I tore my rotator cuff.
Barry: How'd you do it? Were you running against the lifeguard's orders?
Mr. Glascott: I was merely riding my favorite slide, the Atomic Tsunami.
Barry: The Atomic Tsunami rules.
Mr. Glascott: I hit a dry spot in the Funnel Tunnel and found myself stuck backwards in complete darkness. A mere ribbon of light to let me know that I was still of this earth.
Adam: I couldn't figure out the handle on a porta-potty once, so I feel ya.
Mr. Glascott: First person to crash into me was a boy named Oliver. We had a moment to introduce ourselves. Then came the others.
Adam: Dear God.
Mr. Glascott: That's what I said, over and over again, as teen after slippery teen slammed into my contorted body.
Barry: So how did you get out and end up here whining about it?
Mr. Glascott: Finally, the pressure became too much and we exploded down Wizard's Wash. Alone and terrified, I also realized that I swallowed a tremendous amount of water and Band-Aids.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Erica, it has come to my attention that your fiance hates me and wants nothing more to do with me.
Geoff: That's not what I said.
Beverly: I've been kicked out of your lives forever. An old bottle of Mountain Dew hucked out the window and left to yellow and fade on the highway of life.
Geoff: I love Mountain Dew. It's not just a beverage, it's a lifestyle.
Beverly: Here are holiday, birthday, and get-well cards for my yet-to-be-conceived grandchildren. Make sure they know my name, my face, and my story of loss. [hugs Erica] If you need me, I will be crying in my room for eternity. [exits]