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Quote from Beverly in Hersheypark

Beverly: What the hell, ladies and Vinny? What happened to our PTA meeting?
Vinny: We got bumped. Mellor's talking to all the field trip chaperones.
Beverly: Field trip? Doesn't he know the amusement park is closed indefinitely?
Coach Mellor: What? The park is closed?
Beverly: Hello? Nestle pulled out of the Cocoa Accords. There's been a travel advisory. All non-essential personnel must steer clear.
Mrs. Kim: Uh, Beverly? None of your insane words are true.
Beverly: But that's not possible. Adam swore to me that Reese's was literally blown to pieces.


 ‘Hersheypark’ Quotes

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: What I'm about to show you is the most lethal and powerful weapon in a yenta's arsenal. The guilt letter.
Vinny: You wrote eight pages on both sides?
Beverly: Yes. Everything you're about to hear has been written by Beverly Goldberg and sent to her children.
This is all real.
Mrs. Kim: "Adam, I gave birth to you, fed and nurtured you, dried your tears, and made you the center of my universe. But the way you treated me today makes me regret it all."
Vinny: Wait, you really wrote this?
Beverly: Again, every word is 100% true.

Quote from Dave Kim

Dave Kim: Well, I told my mom, "No more! Dave Kim is a grown-up who doesn't need his mommy on some field trip! Now sign my permission slip and lay out my clothes!"

Quote from Adam

Adam: Hersheypark has been closed and our trip is off!
Beverly: Why are they trying to ruin our precious time together?!
Adam: 'Cause of the Chocolate Wars. You didn't hear about it on the news?
Beverly: No, I don't watch the news. It aggravates your father until he throws his shoe at the TV.
Adam: It's those Fudge Barons at Nestle Megacorp. They declared an all-out war on Mr. Goodbar so they shut down the amusement park.
Beverly: Screw those Chocolate War-Mongers! I just made a fresh batch of Oooey Gooey Fudgy Chewies. [chuckles] These always cheer you up.
Jackie: Wow. He's good.
Dave Kim: Maybe the best.