The Goldbergs - Adam Quote #550

Quote from Adam in Flashy Little Flashdancer

Emmy Mirsky: Look, I appreciate the crappy effort. But I kinda spent lunch making out with Brian McMahon.
Adam: What do you even see in that guy?
Emmy Mirsky: He's handsome and athletic and cool.
Adam: Name one cool guy who doesn't talk.
Emmy Mirsky: Snake Eyes from "G.I. Joe."
Adam: Name one more.
Emmy Mirsky: Teller from Penn and Teller.
Adam: Name another.
Emmy Mirsky: Snoopy.
Adam: He's the best.
Emmy Mirsky: Odd Job from James Bond, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.
Adam: All right, stop dancing in the end zone.


‘Flashy Little Flashdancer’ Quotes

Quote from Beverly

Instructor: And pose. Not bad, ladies.
Beverly: Not bad? Uh, we have taken our passion and made it happen.

Quote from Coach Mellor

Coach Mellor: Oof. That was tough to watch. Well, Coach is here for you. Except during lunch. That's when I have my 67-vegetable smoothie. But I'm happy to talk again on my jog home.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: You've been flashdanced!

Adam Quotes

Quote from Mama Drama

Beverly: I'm gonna ask you a question which you need to answer with complete honesty. Is there a world in which you are not the deserving child for this role?
Adam: There's no such world.
Beverly: Honey, I can get involved. I want to get involved. But I need to know that's what you want.
Adult Adam: [v.o.] Usually when my mother wanted to mix in, I'd push her away as far away as possible. This was not one of those times.
Adam: Do it, mama. Make me Jesus.

Quote from I Heart Video Dating

Adam: I see it now. We open on a time portal as Mr. Lewis' cold, naked body spills to the Earth. He rises from the smoke like a Love Terminator.
Erica: Yeah, no nudity or time travel. Just make Mr. Lewis look cool. You know, macho.
Adam: We're making a picture! An Adam F. Goldberg joint.
Erica: What's with the "F"?
Adam: There's another Adam Goldberg at school. He's super-sensitive. I don't want to cause any marketplace confusion.
Erica: Don't worry about it. No one cares about either of you.

Quote from George! George Glass!

Dave Kim: Just walk on over there and be like, "Yo, Waffles, remember me? Powdered sugar, sliced banana, side of sausage. Name's Adam Goldberg."
Adam: I can't say my name. It's too confusing. There's another Adam Goldberg in school. He's a senior. He told me in no uncertain terms that he's got dibs on the upper-class girls.
Dave Kim: Stop using the other Adam Goldberg as an excuse.