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Quote from Barry in MTV Spring Break

Barry: I just miss Pops so much that I can't stop the sad water dripping from my eye holes.
Beverly: And now I'm crying 'cause you're crying.
Erica: I miss him, too, Bar. Wait, this gives me a fresh idea. What if we went to visit him?
Barry: Please, Mom? Let me see my grandpapa in Georgia?
Beverly: Florida, honey.
Erica: Ugh, so swampy. Oh, well, this is about Pops and not us.
Beverly: Well, then, it's decided. Look out, world! The Goldbergs are going to Florida!


 ‘MTV Spring Break’ Quotes

Quote from Pops

Pops: Hey, kiddo, we need to talk about the rules if you want to go swimming. You got to wear the required bathing cap.
Erica: No, I'm not gonna wear a required bathing cap.
Pops: You got to wear the required bathing cap.
Itzel: Look at all that hair, Albert!
Pops: I'm handling it, Itzel!
Itzel: That's all gonna end up in the filter if she doesn't wear the required bathing cap!
Pops: You got to wear the required bathing cap.

Quote from Murray

Murray: Stop! Nobody speak. There's no way I'm paying for all you morons to go gallivanting around the sub-tropics.
Beverly: You weren't even in the room. How do you know what's going on?
Murray: I heard money being spent!
Erica: Well, there is one way this trip could cost you a fraction of the price.
Murray: Well, that's what I want to do. That thing. Whatever her cheap idea is.

Quote from Beverly

Adam: Are you sure you don't want to use the money towards another fur coat?
Beverly: No coat warms me as much as you. Also, a very angry young lady threw red paint on Linda Schwartz's coat when they were out to dinner, so-
Adam: Totally get it.