Matt Quote #14

Quote from Matt in Colors

Barry: Doesn't feel so good to win a turf war. Colors. [quietly] Colors.
Matt: It's really nothing like it.


 ‘Colors’ Quotes

Quote from Coach Mellor

Coach Mellor: Why are you never this fired up in gym class?
Adam: 'Cause I'm a theater geek, Coach, not that you'd ever understand.
Coach Mellor: [blows whistle] That's a flag on the assumption.
Adam: Really? You like musicals?
Coach Mellor: Last month, my lady love, Ms. Cinoman, dragged me to a community college for an evening of theater. I had prepared myself for a night of misery, when out of nowhere, this troupe of cats came crawling down the aisle. They were singing, dancing, with their athletic thighs and their gymnastic voices. I wish I could remember what that show was called.
Adam: "Cats."
Coach Mellor: No, that's not it. It'll come to me.

Quote from Barry

Barry: Well, then, we must seek guidance from the only person who knows how to outsmart Beverly Goldberg: my sister, Erica.
Erica: No. [hangs up phone]
Naked Rob: So no Erica? At all?
Barry: That is all we're gonna get.
Geoff: Aw. But I was really looking forward to seeing her this week.
Barry: Well, if you think about it, she's off at college, so it really makes no sense why she'd be involved in any of this.

Quote from Beverly

Essie Karp: Bev, we're your best friends. We help each other out through thick and thin, right?
Beverly: Of course.
Essie Karp: Then it's our job to tell you that boy manipulates the hell out of you!
Linda Schwartz: Played you like a fiddle.
Beverly: Please. I invented emotional blackmail and guilt. That's my jam.