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Quote from Erica in The Hooters

Beverly: At least let me buy you girls dessert. Oh, there's a new "wudder-ice" place.
Geoff: Oh, man! Their "wudder ice" is amazing!
Other Erica: Okay. What are you people talking about?
Beverly: "Wudder ice."
Geoff: "Wudder ice."
Beverly: "Wudder ice."
Other Erica: What's "wudder"?
Erica: They're trying to say "water ice." It's a local dessert.
Other Erica: Ew. Your food and words are gross. I say we drive straight until we find some culture.


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Quote from Murray

Murray: Enough with the comedy, moron! You're gonna get a regular job like everybody else.
Adam: Like what?
Murray: Eh, I don't know. A police officer, a doctor, a-a construction worker, an Indian chief.
Adam: You're just listing the Village People!
Murray: You have more chance of being in a disco supergroup than you do from making money telling jokes.

Quote from Erica

Erica: God, it all has to go, Erica. Poison, Madonna, New Kids? How did I ever buy into all of this top-40, MTV garbage? I'm actually embarrassed by who we were before we took Music Deconstruction 101 with Professor Chang-Silverstein.
Other Erica: That class has, like, opened my eyes. No, like, my ears. No, like, my mind.
Erica: Well, get ready to have your mind blown, because I asked Geoff to get us tickets to the Avant Garde Music Festival of New York City.
Other Erica: Stop, we are actually going to see Philip Glass and the Tibetan Throat Singers live?
Erica: Plus, there's a rumor that Yoko Ono is gonna scream onstage for a whole hour!
Other Erica: I'm gonna scream from the audience for a whole hour!
Erica: I can't believe that our lame-ass R.A. called us "poser freshmen who are going through a pretentious phase."
Other Erica: These personas we just discovered, like, last week are, like, who we are and are gonna be for the rest of our lives.
Erica: Exactly. I'll never return to who I was.

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Quote from Family Takes Care of Beverly

Barry: I just saved your life.
Erica: What?
Barry: According to the way of the Samurai, you're my servant until the debt is repaid.
Erica: That's not a thing.
Barry: Oh, it is. It's the Bushido code.
Erica: Well, that sounds like complete Bushido.

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Erica: Look, it's Barry's baby helmet.
Barry: No! I thought we gave that back to the institute.
Erica: You were so cute with your little flat head. I used to rest my Kool-Aid on you. Oh my gosh, it's a picture of you all helmeted up. This is gonna look great in the year book.