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Quote from Murray in Dinner with the Goldbergs

Adult Adam: [v.o.] It was now decision-making time. And for my dad, the only choice was how to save money.
Murray: Okay, it's time for Murray's menu rules. Remember, no prime cuts, no fancy sides, no out-of-season vegetables, no market price, no salad bar, no items in French, no dry-aged anything, and, most importantly...
All: No appetizers of any kind, 'cause that's how they screw ya.
Geoff: Does that include a nice soup?
Murray: Are you for real? Is he for real? You're gonna eat a little meal before you eat a big meal? How many meals do you need?


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Quote from A Chorus Lie

Erica: How is it my fault that every guy in our school is an unbearable moron?
Lainey: That's another thing. You gotta stop calling everyone a moron.
Murray: Morons! You're being too loud! Find another house to stupid up.
Barry: Oh my God, you're just like Dad! Way to go, Mur-man. Years of calling everyone on the planet a moron has poisoned your daughter's love life, and left her cold and alone.
Murray: So you're telling me that I've raised a daughter who doesn't want to date dumbass high school boys?
I think I've done my job.

Quote from The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet

Murray: I didn't even like the stupid movie. Dumb little alien. All he wanted to do was go home, then he turns all white and crusty like an old dog turd. He loved that boy, but still he had to leave. I don't want to talk about the damn movie any more.

Quote from Bill/Murray

Murray: I'll tell you what's happening. This schmuck lives in Philadelphia yet he roots for the Dallas Cowboys. Who does that?

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Quote from Beverly

Beverly: I would like the hanger steak, Pittsburgh style, but instead of Barnaise sauce, I would like crab cakes.
Alex: We also don't swap out sauces for actual food.
Beverly: Okay, got a whole lot of rules that don't make any sense. All right, here's what we're gonna do. I would like the sirloin, medium-plus, with garlic butter sauce on the side. Okay, let's start over. I would like a baked potato with sour cream and chives, but extra sour cream on the side. I would like a petit filet, a large petit filet, red peppers and beans and asparagus and creamed spinach and add the horseradish on the side. I'm not, like, starving, so cut the potato in half and put half of it to go. ... And all the mushrooms you have.

Quote from Beverly

Alex: Okay, ma'am?
Beverly: Okay, write this down very carefully. I would like the sirloin, medium-plus, with garlic butter sauce on the side. I would like the vegetable medley, but instead of asparagus, I would like six pieces of shrimp.
Alex: We don't substitute shrimp for vegetables.
Beverly: Oh. That changes everything.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Hi, can you grab our menus? We're ready to sit.
Kelly: I'm sorry. There's a few parties ahead of you.
Murray: I'm hungry, Bevy. What's the girl saying?
Beverly: The girl's saying there's people ahead of us, but I'm just gonna nudge her until she gives in.
Kelly: It'll just be a few more minutes, ma'am.
Beverly: What do you mean "a few more minutes"? That table just sat down and they arrived five minutes after us.
Kelly: Ma'am, I understand, but there was a two-top ready.
Beverly: So just because I decide to build a life around my family, I'm suddenly to blame?