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Quote from Pops in A Wall Street Thanksgiving

Virginia Kremp: Yoo-hoo! [glass clinks] Why don't we go around the table and everyone say one thing that you're thankful for.
Pops: Can someone send some turkey to the foyer?
Beverly: I'm thankful my daughter hasn't changed at all since going to college. She's still the same as she's always been.
Virginia Kremp: Aww! Shady and selfish.
Pops: Shellfish?! We're having shellfish?! What kind of Thanksgiving is this?


 ‘A Wall Street Thanksgiving’ Quotes

Quote from Geoff

Erica: I should be the one freaking out, Geoff. I'm so screwed.
Geoff: Well, on the bright side, at least you didn't sink all your money into some investment scam like Barry.
Erica: Investment scam. What investment scam?
Geoff: Oh, no! Please don't join your uncle's illicit "boiler room".
Erica: They have a boiler room? Where?
Geoff: In your basement, next to the actual boiler.

Quote from Murray

Murray: Barry finally made a good decision to be a doctor. I'm not going to let you ruin it with one of your bonehead rackets.
Marvin: My "rackets" are not boneheaded.
Murray: Oh, yeah? How about formal pajamas? Baby college? Powdered yogurt? Dogs for dogs? Foot mittens? Spoons made out of meat? Airplanes that just drive?!
Marvin: Ground planes was a good idea.
Murray: That's called a bus!

Quote from Pops

Beverly: Well, this year, Turkey Day is all about taking it easy.
Erica: So, you're not going to cook for days without sleep and then break down crying because your ungrateful children won't help?
Beverly: That me is dead and gone. This year, I've invited 50 people over for pot luck.
Geoff: I heard Coach is bringing his famous protein-packed string beans.
Pops: I have to eat the coach's food? I'm very depressed now.