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Quote from Murray in Jackie Likes Star Trek

Adam: Me and Jackie are doomed. There's no saving this relationship.
Beverly: Pardon me. I couldn't help but overhear through the vent in the upstairs bathroom. Schmoo, if you want relationship advice, just look at me and your dad. We've been making it work for 25 years.
Murray: Makin' it work!
Beverly: Sure, we bicker. But in the end, we always compromise.
Murray: Right you are!
Beverly: There's no reason you can't do that with your space movies, right, Mur?
Murray: When you're right, you're right, Bevy.
Beverly: [aughs] He's a lug, but I love him.
Murray: Lady loves a lug. [smooches] Smack-diggity!


 ‘Jackie Likes Star Trek’ Quotes

Quote from Barry

Erica: Long-distance relationships are the worst and never work.
Geoff: Yes, beating the odds!
Barry: See? You guys make it work.
Erica: Yeah, but we barely see each other.
Geoff: And our phone bills are out of control. I had to start mowing lawns.
Barry: Manual labor? Big Tasty's more of a corner-office, feet-up-on-the-desk kinda guy.

Quote from Pops

Adam: Pops, thank God you're here! There's a major crisis between me and Jackie. Only my love guru can help.
Pops: This is why I sit here waiting all day. Lay it on me, kiddo.
Adam: Hang on to your hat. Turns out, Jackie likes "Star Trek" more than "Star Wars." What do I do?
Pops: About what?
Adam: It's a fact. Force Freaks and Trekkies never get along. We're sworn enemies.
Pops: Okay, here's what you do. Nothing. 'Cause it's all dumb.
Adam: Dumb?! If I date a Trekkie, I lose all my street cred with my boys!
Pops: And just where is this street, and who are these boys?

Quote from Murray

Adam: Father? Which do you like best? "Star Wars" or "Star Trek"?
Murray: Which is the one with the purple fish?
Adam: Neither of them have purple fish.
Murray: "Star Wars" has got the guy with the little feet, right?
Adam: I have no idea who you're talking about. Do you mean Yoda?
Murray: No.
Adam: Hammerhead?
Murray: No.
Adam: Jawas?
Murray: No! I'm talking about the one guy with the weird head.
Adam: You mean Jabba the Hutt?
Murray: No.
Adam: Greedo?
Murray: No.
Adam: Admiral Ackbar?
Murray: No.
Adam: Aunt Beru?
Murray: Aunt Beru?!
Adam: Gah! I can't do this right now! Jackie and I have major problems to deal with.
Murray: [to himself] And that is how you get out of a ridiculous conversation.