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Quote from Erica in Hogan Is My Grandfather

Other Erica: It's like you don't know how to pick up after yourself or make a bed for yourself or feed yourself.
Erica: What? I prefer to eat out because I don't know how to cook ramen or boil a cow or whatever.
Other Erica: Look, we're friends and stuff, but if you don't learn how to take care of yourself, I'll talk to the RA and get you evicted or whatever.
Erica: You can't do that.
Other Erica: Oh, I can. Get it together, or you'll be living in the mature-students dorm.
Erica: I can't live with moms who are going back to school to get their lives on track.
Other Erica: You either learn fast, or your new roomie will be a divorce who takes pottery classes and listens to Yanni.
Erica: Not Yanni!
Other Erica: Yanni.


 ‘Hogan Is My Grandfather’ Quotes

Quote from Coach Mellor

Barry: Dude, look at the laundry basket! Is that one of those impossible-to-fold sheets Mom was tricking us with?
Coach Mellor: You mean fitted? I've danced with a few.
Erica: They're perfect.
Barry: You folded them? How'd you find the corners?
Coach Mellor: You don't find the corners of the sheet. The corners find you.

Quote from Murray

Murray: Hey, morons. Let me get this straight. You two have officially decided to let your mom take care of you for the rest of your lives.
Barry: She seems very open to it.
Murray: Of course she is. How do you not see what she's doing after all this time?
Barry: Dude, do you think she gave us the impossible sheet on purpose?
Murray: Yes. She manipulates you into needing her week after week.
Erica: What are you talking about?
Murray: She made up a medical condition so she could have a sleepover with you in your dorm on your first night of college.
Erica: Well, that certainly is an example.

Quote from Coach Mellor

Coach Mellor: Well, you've come to the right efficiency apartment. My perpetual single-tude has given me an amazing array of domestic skills. Make yourselves at home in my living room/gym/sitting area/lanai. Brisket? I made that in my gentleman's Crock-Pot.
Geoff: So tender! It falls apart at fork's first touch. Also, how long are we gonna be here?