Murray Quote #423

Quote from Murray in Deadheads

Murray: No one's going to the damn Bahamas.
Erica: Bup-bup! That's a dollar in the swear jar, Dad.
Beverly: She's right, Murray. We have to live by example.
Murray: I'm not paying for these morons to go to the Bahamas.
Erica: You know, "moron" may not be considered a curse word, but it really does feel like one emotionally.
Murray: I'll put 20 bucks in that thing if I can call any moron who's acting like a moron a moron anytime I want.
Erica: 50.
Murray: Worth it. Morons!


 ‘Deadheads’ Quotes

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Wha- What?! I have never!
Erica: Seriously?
Beverly: What? I don't talk like that.
Adult Adam: [v.o.] But she did. Bev Bombs were dropped on a daily basis in our home.
Beverly: Holy [bleep]! I love that idea! I hate drugs so [bleep] much! Adam used to be a good boy, and now he's a real [bleep]. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] Yeah!

Quote from Matt

Barry: Next category, busting balls. Come up with three insults for how short Andy is.
Andy: Oh. No, we don't have to do-
Barry: Go!
Matt: Andy is so tiny, he uses a sock as a sleeping bag. When Andy plays mini-golf, it's just called "Golf." Did you hear Andy died? He was bungee-jumping off a curb and the dental floss broke.
Andy: I feel completely humiliated.

Quote from Barry

Andy: Actually, I think we'd rather just chill here and watch Matt Bradley jam.
Barry: That guy? He's a stupid Deadhead.
Naked Rob: So?
Barry: So? Their songs are, like, a million hours long, their crazy fans smell like armpits, and all they wear is tie-dye. It's like, pick a color, bro. You can't have them all.