Andy Quote #6

Quote from Andy in O Captain! My Captain!

Beverly: Question: Who here is familiar with the film "Dead Poets Society?"
Naked Rob: Chill, dude. Your mom's gonna show us a movie. It's a classic sub move.
Beverly: Oh, we're not watching it. We're living it!
Geoff: Oh, no.
Naked Rob: Barry's right.
Beverly: In fact, I need a volunteer chosen completely at random to come stand on my desk and view the world from a new perspective.
Geoff: Oh, no.
Andy: She wants us to learn by standing on furniture?


 ‘O Captain! My Captain!’ Quotes

Quote from Adam

Adam: Excuse me. Hi, I'm Adam F. Goldberg. Not be confused with the other Adam Goldberg.
Johnny Atkins: The artsy dude?
Adam: Actually, we both have an appreciation for the arts. He's more of a multi-hyphenate. I've been focusing on the written word.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Good morning, class. Uh, before we get started, does anyone need to make? Hmm? Anyone? There's gonna be a lot of learning today, so if you got to make, do it now. Anyone got to make poo-poos?
Barry: Stop! No one has to make!
Beverly: Moving on.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: All right, according to this memo from Principal Ball, Mr. Gluckman has been checked into a rehab facility to address his relationship with cocaine. "Please tell the students he has the flu." Okay. Mr. Gluckman has the flu. I'll be your sub for the next thirty days.