Andy Quote #5

Quote from Andy in George! George Glass!

Erica: Maybe it's not Omega Sig. I-It's Omega Beta. That's right. I'm tired.
Naked Rob: Actually, Omega Beta is a sorority. Yeah, we know because they put out a calendar every year.
Andy: It's quite tasteful, and the proceeds go to charity.


 ‘George! George Glass!’ Quotes

Quote from Barry

Barry: Dad, we need to have an insanely important talk. And if you say, "Go to your mother," there will be serious consequences.
Murray: Not listening. Go to your mother.
Barry: Okay, you know how all the awesome stuff happens in New York and L.A. and Florida, but never here?
Murray: You do know that Philadelphia is the birthplace of our country, right?
Barry: Enough with your folk tales, old man!

Quote from Adam

Dave Kim: Just walk on over there and be like, "Yo, Waffles, remember me? Powdered sugar, sliced banana, side of sausage. Name's Adam Goldberg."
Adam: I can't say my name. It's too confusing. There's another Adam Goldberg in school. He's a senior. He told me in no uncertain terms that he's got dibs on the upper-class girls.
Dave Kim: Stop using the other Adam Goldberg as an excuse.

 Andy Cogan Quotes

Quote from A Fish Story

Erica: Okay, well, let's see what else we're working with. Andy, go.
Andy: [sings high-pitched note]
Erica: That was beautiful and haunting.
Andy: I was a soprano in children's choir until puberty cursed me. My parents forced me to take a series of shots, but the tide of manhood came anyway.

Quote from Preventa Mode

Geoff: Hey, JTP. We thought we'd swing by and check in on you guys. We know how lonely Valentine's Day can be.
Erica: But cheggit, you're all dressed up. So I guess you found dates?
Naked Rob: And yet we did not.
Andy: In fact, we have no romantic prospects at all.
Matt: So, in lieu of lady companionship, we decided to celebrate our friendship.
Andy: We call it Pal-entine's Day.
Erica: At least you improved the name, because last year's Valen-dudes Day was a real big whiff.
Andy: First, we're gonna go to Dante & Luigi's for a little linguine and laughs.
Naked Rob: Then a carriage ride around Rittenhouse Square to see the city lights.
Matt: Finally, ice-skating at this rink my uncle manages. He's gonna let us use it after hours, so it'll be just us.
Andy: I know it sounds crazy, you guys, but I really think we could raise a baby.