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Quote from Dave Kim in Have a Summer

Principal Ball: I call your name, and then you go up and get the piece of paper. But no showboating, no speeches, and no doing the worm, Dave Kim. I am onto you.
Dave Kim: This is America, man.


 ‘Have a Summer’ Quotes

Quote from Adam

Adam: Okay, as you know, you've been mocking my changing voice for this entire year. But now that I'm going to high school, it's time for you to get out all your insults here and now so we can bring this hurtful chapter to a close.
Barry: You sound like a harmonica in a dryer.
Erica: You sound like the child of Louis Armstrong and Harvey Fierstein.
Barry: You sound like the Tin Man before he was oiled.
Erica: You sound like a witch gave a frog a voice.
Beverly: Stop it! His voice is perfect. He sounds like a beautiful angel with an undescended testicle.
Adam: I regret this.

Quote from Beverly

Barry: What? I didn't even do anything.
Beverly: Adam says you're gonna haze and humiliate him at school?
Barry: Oh, that. Yeah, that's happening.
Beverly: Like heck it is. You lay one finger on my baby-
Barry: You mean the pubescent monster standing next to you? Take a look at him, Ma. He's all grown up now.
Beverly: That is not the, uh- No, that's not- Is this true?
Adam: No! Look at me! Actually, don't. Uh, close your eyes and imagine me from last year.
Beverly: Oh, my God! He's right. My baby is going to high school.
Adam: No! Stop reeling at the passage of time! Protect me!
Beverly: Your voice. I'm just now hearing it for the first time. It's like the last gasp of an old helium balloon.

 Dave Kim Quotes

Quote from Goldbergs Never Say Die

Dave Kim: Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop. Question. Which Goonie am I?
Adam: Oh, yeah, Dave Kim. Good question. Who's left? Let's see. Hmm, tough call. Well, Brand is taken, so-
Dave Kim: You wanted me to be Data.
Adam: What? No. I just invited all of my closest friends over to hang out.
Dave Kim: You've literally never invited me over before.
Adam: So you don't think we're friends. That really stings, Dave Kim really stings. But since you're here, you might as well wear this elaborate gadget and trench coat.

Quote from Hersheypark

Dave Kim: Well, I told my mom, "No more! Dave Kim is a grown-up who doesn't need his mommy on some field trip! Now sign my permission slip and lay out my clothes!"