Erica Quote #160

Quote from Erica in Big Orange

Barry: No! Wait! You guys got to help me find out who did this. Big Orange's spirit will not rest until the perpetrator has been found and paid his debt.
Erica: And what's in it for us?
Adam: You mean besides the justice served?
Erica: Yeah, I'm gonna need something real.
Barry: I'll also pay you $7,000.
Erica: Um, yeah, no brainer. It's my bar mitzvah money. I've been saving it up for a moment exactly like this.
Barry: For when someone destroyed your $10 T-shirt? Don't you want to save it for a trip to Europe or a down-payment on a h-
Erica: Don't answer that. The Goldberg Gang is on the case.


 ‘Big Orange’ Quotes

Quote from Barry

Barry: I don't know who I am anymore. Am I big or tasty? No one knows!

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: What the- Why are you here?
Lainey: To get Barry back.
Beverly: That's what I was trying to do, but now you're screwing me in the pooper!
Lainey: Oh, sweet God!
Beverly: What? What'd I say? Is that bad?

Quote from Barry

Beverly: You wear that thing all the time. Just look at these pictures from last year. Wrestling team, orange shirt. Beatboxing club, orange shirt. Nunchucking Society, orange shirt.
Barry: Don't forget Zombie Survival Club. Colleges are gonna snap me up.