Lainey Quote #33

Quote from Lainey in Big Orange

Beverly: God, I hate that shirt.
Lainey: He looks like a walking circus peanut.
Beverly: He looks like an angry Cheez-It.
Lainey: It's like I'm dating a glass of Tang.
Beverly: Once, when he was wearing it, a panhandler gave him change.
Lainey: I had a dream I married it and we had little orange shirt babies.


 ‘Big Orange’ Quotes

Quote from Barry

Barry: I don't know who I am anymore. Am I big or tasty? No one knows!

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: What the- Why are you here?
Lainey: To get Barry back.
Beverly: That's what I was trying to do, but now you're screwing me in the pooper!
Lainey: Oh, sweet God!
Beverly: What? What'd I say? Is that bad?

 Lainey Lewis Quotes

Quote from 12 Tapes for a Penny

Lainey: Ugh. I hate it when my dad talks golf with my ex. They used to do it all the time when we dated.
Barry: Your dad liked him while you two were dating? I thought he hated me 'cause I'm your boyfriend.
Lainey: Oh, sweetie, no. My dad hates you as, like, a person. You being my boyfriend is just a happy coincidence.

Quote from A Chorus Lie

Erica: Chill. I didn't say I was going to the dance. I just said I would consider it if an idiot asked me.
Lainey: Got it. We'll play it cool and casually spread the word.
Barry: Attention, entire school! This is Erica Goldberg and she will go to Homecoming with anyone willing to ask.
Erica: Barry, sit your ass down right now!
Lainey: Uh, to clarify, she's not a desperate loser. She's just super closed off and the door's open a crack.