The Goldbergs - Pops Quote #192

Quote from Pops in Rush

Pops: It's happening.
Murray: Will you stop singing ominous warnings? It's done.
Pops: [Hums]


‘Rush’ Quotes

Quote from Geoff

Geoff: 'sup, Erica? Really feeling the flock today, am I right?
Erica: Ugh. Flock of Seagulls is so last week, Geoff. We're all about Debbie Gibson now.
Geoff: But I used an entire jar of honey for this. [Bees buzzing] I've been fighting off bees all morning.

Quote from Barry

Barry: What is this? [gasps] "Best Son"? You gave Adam a golden trophy? That squeaky-voiced turd?

Quote from Barry

Barry: I want my own trophy 'cause I'm better than Adam at everything. Can he soothe animals with just some peanut butter and a smile? Can he eat an entire apple in just two bites? Hmm? Give me an apple right now. [Moans, groans] [Muffled] Bad start. Give me another.
Beverly: Don't waste my apples.

Pops Quotes

Quote from The Darryl Dawkins Dance

Pops: Wanna know my secret? Hanging out with my best friend keeps me young. Now, what do you say you run your grandpa over with the car?
Adam: I'd love to.

Quote from Han Ukkah Solo

Adam: What am I watching?!
Pops: Come on. The duck is like E.T. He just wants to go home.
Adam: Then how come he's spending so much time managing that band?
Murray: Al, the duck's gonna make it with that lady. What have you brought us to?
Pops: A family film. It's a family film.
Adam: I can't watch this anymore.
Murray: Well, then let's go.
Adam: Really? We can do that?
Murray: It's about time you learned that an adult can walk out of anything and demand his damn money back. I do it once a year. Let's go.
Pops: Adam, no! It's not that bad. A lady and a duck in bed? Who the [bleep] thought this was a good idea?

Quote from Who Are You Going To Telephone?

Pops: Who you gonna telephone? The ghost fellas! From the movie.