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Quote from Adam in Magic Is Real

Adam: What happened? It it's like I'm totally invisible to girls. At this rate, I'll never get another Dana.
Dave Kim: Dude, getting girls is easy.
Adam: You don't know anything about girls.
Dave Kim: All you need is a hook. Something that makes you stand out.
Emmy Mirsky: Yeah? And what's your hook?
Dave Kim: Turtlenecks. Sexy and comfortable.


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Quote from Barry

Barry: I'm getting real here. Talking about my most sensible dream. Billionaire entrepreneur!
Erica: You do realize that entrepreneurs have actual business ideas and billionaires have billions?
Barry: Oh, I do and I will, as soon as I present the world with any one of these awesome entrepreneurical ideas. First up the reverse microwave. Makes things colder!
Andy: So, a refrigerator?
Barry: Next! Know about fingerless gloves? How about just fingers? I call it just fingers.
Murray: Did you cut up my isotoners?
Barry: Next, the front pack.
Erica: That's just a backpack you're wearing wrong.
Barry: Next! A house for birds.
Lainey: Um, that kind of already exists.
Barry: Not like this. Mine's for the upscale bird.
Murray: Okay, I'm shutting it down. Everyone go home.
Barry: You know what else got shut down? Sir Isaac Newton when he invented the apple.

Quote from Barry

Beverly: You're supposed to be studying for the PSAT!
Barry: And I finished. I did every practice exam in the whole book.
Beverly: Oh, is that right? Explain this.
Barry: The correct answers just happened to form the Van Halen logo.
Beverly: And a dog?
Barry: Woof.
Beverly: A peace sign. Pac-man.
Barry: I love that game.
Beverly: And some hideous googly-eyed monster.
Barry: Well, that's actually you.
Beverly: Well, I'm putting this on the fridge, but I'm still enraged.
Barry: Let's just nip this conversation in the butt. Tests just aren't for me.

Quote from Adam

Adam: These bros get all the girls. Now that Dana and I broke up, I've got to learn their secrets.
Erica: Well, for starters, they don't have wonky voices, and they don't cry at "The Muppet Movie".
Adam: If "Rainbow Connection" doesn't move you to tears, then you're not alive.