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Quote from Murray in A Chorus Lie

Erica: How is it my fault that every guy in our school is an unbearable moron?
Lainey: That's another thing. You gotta stop calling everyone a moron.
Murray: Morons! You're being too loud! Find another house to stupid up.
Barry: Oh my God, you're just like Dad! Way to go, Mur-man. Years of calling everyone on the planet a moron has poisoned your daughter's love life, and left her cold and alone.
Murray: So you're telling me that I've raised a daughter who doesn't want to date dumbass high school boys? I think I've done my job.


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Quote from Beverly

Beverly: What if I had a way to solve your problems? A way to make this your biggest hit yet?
Miss Cinoman: Mrs. Goldberg, we have been through this in the past. You can't be in the musical.
Beverly: No, no, I have come to accept that.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Problem solved, love bug! We're gonna Milli Vanilli the [beep] out of that musical.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Susan, I really appreciate you agreeing to see me on such short notice.
Miss Cinoman: Technically, I didn't agree. You just barged in during third period and yelled "Class dismissed!"