Pops Quote #145

Quote from Pops in Bill/Murray

Pops: I'm proud of you, Mur. Never thought I'd see the day where you made a friend.
Murray: What are you talking about? I've got friends.
Pops: Name one.
Murray: Vic.
Pops: He's your employee. You pay him to be around you.
Murray: What about Deli Guy? Love Deli Guy.
Pops: You only love him 'cause he gives you corned beef.


 ‘Bill/Murray’ Quotes

Quote from Murray

Murray: I'll tell you what's happening. This schmuck lives in Philadelphia yet he roots for the Dallas Cowboys. Who does that?

Quote from Erica

Adam: Wow, what's with the stool, honey?
Erica: Don't call me honey. It's weird.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: You've been watching this Music MTV Television for six hours, enough is enough. Go do your homework.