Murray Quote #247

Quote from Murray in Dance Party USA

Adam: You were right, Pops isn't a hero. He's a fraud.
Murray: That's not what I meant. Listen, Pops may not be magic, but he's a terrific grandfather and he's always there for you.
Adam: But he still lied to me.
Murray: He exaggerated. That's what all grandfathers do. You know why? Because they want you to love them as much as they love you.


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Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Honestly, there should be a museum for the two of you. It'll be called the Schmoopie Center for Cuteness and I will be the curator, and people will line up for blocks just to delight in your deliciousness.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Hey you go, boys. Toad in the hole for my snuggle face. Raisin bran and prune juice for the coolest and most regular daddy I know.

Quote from Adam

Beverly: Look what you've got here. Nintardo.
Adam: What did you just call me?
Beverly: No. It's the thing you play all day long. Nintardo.
Adam: Oh my God, are you combining Nintendo and Atari into some horrible mom word?