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Quote from Erica in The Adam Bomb

Erica: I will sing for quarters on the subway. I will sleep on lumpy couches owned by creepy disc-jockeys. Sure, when times get tough, I may have to go cry in a bank vestibule, but then in the end I will be bigger than Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. But not Madonna, because I'm realistic.


 ‘The Adam Bomb’ Quotes

Quote from Barry

Barry: I saw something today that changed me. David Hasselhoff was on the Great Wall of China in a light up jacket singing about freedom. And it occurred to me, if Knight Rider can make East and West Russia find common ground, maybe we can too.
Pops: While your facts are wildly off, your spirit is right on the money.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: See, millions of girls wanna be stars, but they end up becoming waitresses or dogwalkers, or music teachers, and that is no life anyone would wish for their little girl. No offense.

Quote from Barry

Adam: Yeah, basketball's not my sport.
Barry: Well, sports aren't your sport. Even my shoe thinks you're a nerd! What was that? Punch your brother in the nards?