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Quote from Beverly in A Wrestler Named Goldberg

Beverly: What is wrong with my children? Why won't they let me completely immerse myself in their lives?


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Quote from Beverly

Barry: Mom? Are you kidding me right now? Move.
Beverly: I will not move. I will never move. You're my special boy. If you end up being just a head, then I have failed as a mother.

Quote from Murray

Beverly: Helen Cutler's son was in a wrestling match once and his head popped right off and now he lives his life as just a head.
Murray: There's no such thing as just a head! You need organs to live.
Beverly: Well, tell that to Helen Cutler as she's carrying her son around the grocery store like a football.
Murray: Well, where's his heart?! You need a heart to function.
Beverly: It's in his neck. He's got a little neck with organs in it.
Murray: Oh, so now he's got a neck! What else has he got? Maybe a body?!

Quote from Barry

Barry: You see, first you join the wrestling team, then you get the varsity jacket, then you get the power, then you get the women.
Murray: Everything you just said makes so much sense.