Pops Quote #49

Quote from Pops in You're Under Foot

Pops: What about Sheila the redhead, who comes in Saturdays to do the books?
Murray: Oh, I got rid of her.
Pops: What?
Murray: Yeah, she'd been stealing from us for years.
Pops: That's the price you pay for great gams.


 ‘You're Under Foot’ Quotes

Quote from Pops

Pops: What the hell's that?
Murray: Ah, we do all our inventory on computers now.
Pops: What is this, the Star Wars?

Quote from Beverly

Erica: Bye.
Beverly: Don't say bye. Your S.A.T. prep course is at 4:00, so get your ass home after school.
Erica: I don't know what you're saying.
Beverly: Well, take off your walkboy.
Erica: It's called a walkman.
Beverly: Oh, now you can hear me?
Erica: I wish I couldn't.

Quote from Pops

Adam: Come on, pops. Let me win at least one.
Pops: That's a terrible lesson. I'm gonna beat your ass again real quick.