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Quote from Beverly in Shopping

Erica: Brenda said she could get me a job with her at Gimbels, okay? I'll finally have my own money. Plus, I get a big employee discount.
Beverly: Well, who am I to stand in your way? That settles it. You're getting a discount. Job. You're getting a job. I'm just so happy for us. You. I'm happy for all of us. Oh, discount.


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Quote from Murray

Murray: You ate all the fiddle! It's all faddle now, you moron.

Quote from Murray

Murray: Look, Bevy, I know you're trying to make a point here, but it's been three days. I had to wear my tuxedo shirt to work! Yes, I did look like Roger Moore, but don't you think it's time you called off this fight?

Quote from Beverly

Erica: Mom, you're not listening.
Beverly: And you're not making with the beep-bop-boop.