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Quote from Murray in A Fish Story

Adult Adam: [v.o.] It was March 18th, 1980-something, and like always, my dad was fighting with the VCR.
Murray: Damn it! I need my Night Court! It's the only thing that brings me joy.
Adam: What about your family?
Murray: I said what I said.
Adam: Why do you always smack everything?
Murray: Maybe it'll jar something loose.
Adam: [chuckles] You mean the delicate electronic components?


 ‘A Fish Story’ Quotes

Quote from Murray

Beverly: Adam, tell me the truth right now.
Adam: Fine! We faked everything and bought that at the market!
Murray: Moron! We had it made!
Adam: We would have been if you weren't a cheapskate and bought fish that wasn't on sale!
Murray: I don't know from fish! And I can't believe I spent a half-hour fake camping with you.
Adam: Don't worry. I'll never go fake camping with you again.
Murray: Look what you've done! You've embarrassed your mother in front of Charleston, Lindy, and little Chim-Chim!
Virginia: Lindy?
Chad: Chim-Chim?

Quote from Andy

Erica: Okay, well, let's see what else we're working with. Andy, go.
Andy: [sings high-pitched note]
Erica: That was beautiful and haunting.
Andy: I was a soprano in children's choir until puberty cursed me. My parents forced me to take a series of shots, but the tide of manhood came anyway.

Quote from Adam

Murray: Now we got to freeze out here all night for nothing.
Adam: We can start a fire.
Murray: You know how to start a fire?
Adam: I think you rub a stick on a rock and then blow on it.
Murray: You blow on a stick and a rock?
Adam: I don't know. I'm an inside kid, not a frontiersman.