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Quote from Adam in Two-Timing Goldbergs

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Back in the '80s, I was a boy who put it all on the line romantically. But now that I was kind of an adult in kind of an adult relationship, I didn't need to do that stuff anymore.
Adam: Nice ketchup work. [chuckles] You really know your way around a bottle of red.
Carmen: Aww, look who knows how to talk to a lady.
Adam: I used to be a tad uncomfy around the gals, but now complimenting your condiment work is as easy as breathing.
Carmen: Don't you carry an inhaler?
Adam: You know it. You and ragweed take my breath away, girl. [Carmen giggles]


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Quote from Geoff

Geoff: So, your incredibly specific tale of infidelity got me thinking. You're not the only one who can spin a convincing yarn about a torrid dalliance.
Erica: Alright. Get whatever this is out of your system.
Geoff: I'm just saying, I, too, know an out-of-the-way motel where the touching of non-wives may occur.
Erica: Oh, no. I feel super threatened.
Geoff: That's right. I would do some touching.
Erica: Could you possibly be more specific?
Geoff: Happily. Know that said touching would be the touching of an unfamiliar female person...
Erica: Uh-huh.
Geoff: And perhaps, if her hands are clean, underneath this rugby shirt.
Erica: You're incredibly bad at this.
Geoff: Please never leave me.

Quote from Beverly

Adam: So, what are we working with? Lay it on me. Who's lining up for a dose of Vitamin A?
Beverly: Lotta interest, um, but I think this might not be dating season.
Adam: Dating season?
Beverly: You know how many ladies like to go away on vacation at the end of February.
Adam: Oh, my God. Nobody wanted to go out with me, did they?
Beverly: You're a bit of a tough sell. You put off going to college, you're working part-time in a diner, you're living at home, and it does not sweeten the pot that you're currently seeing someone else in a non-exclusive sitch. Now, the only one that might be a possibility is Essie, but she said she'd have to think on it.
Adam: This is a nightmare!
Beverly: It's tearing me apart that the world can't see my boy for the hot property he is, even though, in this moment, to all appearances, it seems like you're a loser.
Adam: Thank you?

Quote from Geoff

Geoff: Hanky-panky!
Erica: What?
Geoff: An illicit entanglement is brewing between Barry and Lainey!
Erica: No way. I know Lainey, and she would never make that mistake again. For the third time.
Geoff: I don't know, whenever Lainey's around, Barry gets all weird.
Erica: He's Barry. Weird is his natural state. Plus, he's over Lainey.
Geoff: I just don't see Barry ever fully moving on.
Erica: Where is all this coming from?
Geoff: Okay, one, Barry is on record saying that jean shorts are the uniform of "half-men." Two, Barry would never go to Matt Bradley for advice about anything, and three, Matt Bradley is out of town!
Erica: Even if Barry was dumb enough to go back down that road, there is no way that Lainey would. If she was even thinking about it, she'd tell me. I'm her best friend!
Geoff: Maybe. But there are two words she hasn't shared with you... hanky-panky.