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Quote from Beverly in Flashy Little Flashdancer

Beverly: That's 'cause they're kind, stupid liars. I mean, no offense, but anyone who's seen Linda dance knows she's got no boogie from the waist down.
Linda Schwartz: Excuse me?!
Beverly: Admit it, you jacked up your back carrying around your kid for far too long.
Linda Schwartz: Geoff's 11-year-old legs got tired easily.
Beverly: And don't get me started on Essie's jazz hands.
Essie Karp: What's wrong with my jazz hands?
Beverly: They are crooked and calloused from years of scrubbing greasy pans and wiping tushies.
Essie Karp: I was gonna cover them with sparkly gloves for the show.
Beverly: And, Ginzy, all those years of stress raising four rowdy boys has given you such a nervous mom-tummy that you make poots all through this class.
Virginia Kremp: You know about my poots?


 ‘Flashy Little Flashdancer’ Quotes

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: You've been flashdanced!

Quote from Beverly

Instructor: And pose. Not bad, ladies.
Beverly: Not bad? Uh, we have taken our passion and made it happen.

Quote from Coach Mellor

Coach Mellor: Oof. That was tough to watch. Well, Coach is here for you. Except during lunch. That's when I have my 67-vegetable smoothie. But I'm happy to talk again on my jog home.