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Quote from Adam in The Goldberg Girls

Adam: Oh, "Weekend at Bernie's". That's it.
Erica: It's not.
Adam: "Road House".
Erica: Eh.
Adam: "Interspace".
Erica: No!
Adam: "Taxi Driver"?
Erica: Seriously, no!
Adam: Mac and Me?
Erica: Stop!
Adam: "Krull."
Erica: I don't even know what that is!
Adam: "Halloween!"
Erica: How many toys do you have?!
Adam: Disney's "Black Hole?"
Erica: At least take them out of the package and play with them!
Adam: Beastie Droids!
Erica: That's not even a movie.
Adam: Wait, "The Highlander," there's a tiny love story before all the swordfighting.
Erica: Sure, why not.
Adam: It's not going to work.
Erica: I know.
Adam: "Buck Rogers?"


 ‘The Goldberg Girls’ Quotes

Quote from Barry

Barry: And with my help, you can have that, too. All you got to do is make sure you pick friends that have a specific role in the group.
Beverly: Ooh, like my beloved Golden Girls.
Barry: Yes, for instance, I'm the Dorothy, the strong, masculine leader who keeps everyone in line.
Beverly: Oh, you are my handsome Bea Arthur.
Barry: And Andy here is our Sophia, the tiny, adorable spitfire.
Andy: No filter, yo.
Barry: Naturally, Naked Rob is our Blanche the sensual one, free with his body.
Naked Rob: My parents got me someone to talk to once a week about it.
Barry: And Matt Bradley here is our Rose, dumb as rocks and always messing everything up.
Matt: I just treasure these friendships.

Quote from Beverly

Linda Schwartz: She's right. I just don't have time to be a Goldberg Girl.
Beverly: But I thought we could travel down the road and back again. My heart is true. Your pals and my confidants.
Essie Karp: I don't even know you.
Beverly: Essie, if you threw a party and invited everyone you knew.
Virginia Kremp: Yeah, we all know the theme song.
Beverly: You would see the biggest gift would be from me. And do you know what the card attached would say?
Coach Mellor: "Thank you for being a friend"?
Beverly: Exactly.

Quote from Beverly

Essie Karp: Oh, my God, this white zin is to die for.
Linda Schwartz: And I have a coupon!
Beverly: Oh, you guys, look over there. So cute, right?
Virginia Kremp: Oh, I hope that's us when we're old.
Real Virginia Kremp: Did that lady just call us "old"?
Real Beverly Goldberg: Some people are just so [bleep] rude these days.
Real Essie Karp: Oy, this white zin is to die for.
Real Linda Schwartz: And I have a coupon!