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Quote from Beverly in Grand Theft Scooter

Brea: Adam, it's just a box. [Brea takes the box]
Beverly: You are really taking a long time. [takes the box back] [gasps] Yay! I'm incredibly generous.
Brea: Plane tickets to Miami?!
Beverly: Because I love Adam, and you're the girl he loves for now.


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Quote from Barry

Erica: There's my favorite person who definitely doesn't smell like the towel that you use to dry the dog.
Barry: Actually, sister, what you're smelling is the musk of dominance. 'Cause I just crushed the MCAT.
Geoff: Nice, Bar!
Barry: It is nice. I now have my pick of med schools. And everyone in this mall will be a flea on my rump if I were a horse. Unless they're my patient, in which case, they'd be the salt lick to my horse and get the best care money can buy.
Geoff: Got a little lost in the horse talk, but all sounds great, I think.

Quote from Barry

Barry: Welcome, dear family. Thank you all for coming. Yesterday I didn't properly celebrate my sister's heroism. So in her honor, I present this feast. Enjoy.
Naked Rob: Weird assortment of foods, Big Tasty.
Barry: I know.
Matt: Gobstoppers, hot dogs, marshmallows, giant carrot pieces...
Andy: Um, are these by chance the foods one might be most likely to choke on?
Barry: Oh, don't be silly. Now, who wants a genetically engineered extra-large table grape?

Quote from Barry

Barry: Andy, elephant grape?
Andy: No, thanks.
Barry: Is it because you have a baby mouth?
Andy: I don't have a baby mouth. No, I just ate.
Barry: Was it a jar of Gerber's pureed ham because of your aforementioned baby mouth?
Andy: No. And they puree ham?
Barry: They puree everything. Ravioli, stew, Texas Roadhouse prime rib. It's a great era to be a baby.
Andy: Yeah, that seems way wrong.
Barry: What's way wrong is you're afraid to eat these adult-sized fruit treats.