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Quote from Andy in A Peck of Familial Love

Andy: And the Cogans are a tiny people, but our hugging arms are huge.


 ‘A Peck of Familial Love’ Quotes

Quote from Barry

Erica: What the hell, dude? I don't wanna be mean, but you and your family are straight-up freaks!
Geoff: That's incredibly mean, and why?
Barry: Dude, who's a better kisser... your sister, my sister? It's a trick question. It's your father. [chuckles] I'm dying.
Erica: I think you even enjoyed smooching them. Your dad definitely did... his eyes twinkled.
Geoff: Of course he did. He loves us and wants to express it.
Barry: Big time. [as Lou] "Geoffrey! Bring your puffy mouth pillows over here! Your father wants everyone's smackers to meet!"
Geoff: Okay, that's incredibly accurate in voice and demeanor, but the words are all wrong.

Quote from Geoff

Geoff: Cool! Driving gloves!
Joanne: Yeah.
Geoff: Hope they don't turn me into Mario Andretti!
Erica: I think it'll be okay. You haven't made a left turn in three years.
Geoff: That's true.

Quote from Geoff

Geoff: How would it feel if I did an impersonation of your mom? [as Beverly] "Schmoopie-poopies! I made you in my body, and I can't get enough snuggies and huggies!"
Beverly: Hello, Geoffrey.
Geoff: Aah!
Beverly: You think the affection I have for my children is something to be mocked?
Barry: What's your problem, dude?
Erica: Not cool. That's our mom.