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Beverly: Did I just hear someone mention meatballs? 'Cause I just gutted a salmon I'm about to parm.
Murray: Meatballs was the girl's idea.
Beverly: Wow, Brea, you've really become quite the comfortable guest.
Brea: I'm sorry?
Adam: Don't be. Watch this. Maybe we should watch Stakeout.
Barry: Yes! Bring a steak out. I want a rib eye, a tomahawk, and a porterhouse.
Murray: Makes sense to me. Triple Crown of beef.
Beverly: So, I guess we'll have fish, meatballs, and every cut of beef. Thanks, Brea.
Brea: I'm just here to watch a movie.
Adam: Like Hamburger Hill?
Barry: A hill of burgers? That'll be the perfect start to Brea's festival of meats!
Murray: Whatever works for ya, Bevy, but I would definitely chuck the fish and go with the meats like the girl says.
Beverly: Well, I guess Brea's beef banquet it is. [chuckles] Happy Thursday to me, Brea.


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Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Geoff, Erica never said she didn't want you to propose. It was all just a huge misunderstanding.
Geoff: So, you're saying...
Beverly: My Geoffrey. [gets down on one knee] Sweet fruit of one of my dearest friend's loins...
Linda Schwartz: Aww.
Beverly: ...will you please take this ring and propose to my baby girl and make me the happiest mama in the world?
Geoff: Yes. Yes! Oh, my God, yes! [cheers and applause]

Quote from Geoff

Geoff: Beautiful.
Erica: Sure, the ocean. It has a lot of fans.
Geoff: I'm not talking about where I am. I'm talking about who I'm with.
Erica: I'm sorry. I thought this weekend was gonna be just us. You know, special.
Geoff: Well, I think it still can be.
[Geoff gets down on one knee and holds up the engagement ring]
Erica: Oh, my God, really?
Geoff: Yeah, really.
Erica: I-I don't even know what to do or say. I... Should I kneel, too?
Geoff: You're perfect. I got this.
Erica: Yeah, you do.
Geoff: When I first had a crush on you, I was just an anxious ball of nerves who could barely say a word. But now, I know exactly what I want.
Erica: Is it me? Please say that it's me.
Geoff: Erica Goldberg... will you marry me?
Erica: Oh, hell, yes!
[After Geoff and Erica kiss, they realize they're surrounded by their families and friends]
Beverly: In our defense, we're so happy for you! [all cheer]
Adult Adam: [v.o.] It had been a crazy year for Erica and Geoff, but in the end, it was all worth it, and it seemed only fitting that they got to share the occasion with pretty much everyone they knew.

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Quote from The Darryl Dawkins Dance

Beverly: [beep] me sideways. I have raised some thoughtful children.

Quote from Happy Mom, Happy Life

Beverly: Somebody stole my baby. Well, not real baby, fake baby. It's a toy. Somebody stole my toy! I'm going to get attitude from my son's pretend wife. Can someone call the police? Or Toys 'r Us? I don't [beep] know any more.