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Quote from Beverly in The Dating Game

Adult Adam: [v.o.] This kind of cash was a whole new ballgame for my dad, but to everyone's surprise, he stepped up to the plate and took a big swing.
Murray: I did it! I did the thing, and it is big!
Adam: Just make sure you lit a candle by the sink this time.
Murray: No, moron! I bought something! Bevy, care to guess?
Beverly: A riding lawnmower so I don't have to push anymore?
Murray: No! Something I would never do.
Beverly: Salsa lessons and then we go salsa dancing every night, then we get all caught up in the salsa lifestyle and we open a casino in Havana?
Murray: Even more life-changing.
Adam: You purchased something more life-changing than quitting your lives in America and pursuing dance?


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Quote from Adam

Murray: I bought a beach house!
Beverly: What did he say?
Murray: Beach house!
Adam: I think he said "bean chow." He wants to eat more beans.
Beverly: That makes the most sense.

Quote from Murray

Beverly: There's just so much to take in. [chuckles] You know? Like... What the hell are you wearing?
Adam: Dad made me! He keeps yelling I'm a beach kid now.
Murray: Damn right you are. And you're gonna make a sand angel, and you're gonna have sandball fights, and you're gonna carve a beautiful sandman!
Adam: Sandman? The guy that makes you sleep?
Murray: I don't know beach talk, but I do know this... you better not spoil your mom's dream.

Quote from Beverly

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Back in the '80s, there was no show quite like The Dating Game, where bachelors and bachelorettes competed with innuendo-filled questions for a chance at romance.
Woman: [on TV] If I were a car, describe the hand-wash I could expect from you.
Adam: The words they're saying are innocent, but the meanings are not. [chuckles]
Beverly: Just so you know, Squishy, if we were ever on this show, I'd pick you every time.
Adam: In what world would we be on a dating show together?
Beverly: Never forget I will always be the first girl you ever kissed.
Adam: I never considered that until now.