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Quote from Murray in Who's Afraid of Brea Bee?

Erica: I brought ice cream.
Murray: Ah, yeah!
Erica: For Mom.
Murray: Who comes into a room and says something like that?


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Quote from Barry

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Back in the '80s, there was no more beloved couple than Erica and Geoff. Unfortunately, after a disastrous camping trip, they were utterly broken up, and Erica wasn't ready for the world to know.
Erica: Hey, um, Barry, nobody else knows about the breakup besides you. You will not tell the dopes inside this house.
Barry: But I keep nothing from them. Intimate financial details, anatomical distresses, historical shames... it's all for public consumption.

Quote from Murray

Barry: As you know, Joanne and I have been getting very serious recently.
Murray: Wait, the lady from the car wash? Ah, she does a deep scrub. Good for you, pal!

Quote from Adam

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Getting the lead was the highest honor for a drama kid, and it wasn't just some silly musical. For the first time, I was going to act.
Brea: I'm so psyched for you.
Adam: Right? It's like I'm whoever the best athlete in the world is, but for theater.
Brea: So, the Michael Jordan of theater?
Adam: I'll take your word for it, but maybe.