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Quote from Dave Kim in Quaker Warden

Dave Kim: And how can a turtleneck be too risqué? I haven't seen my own neck in years!


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Quote from Barry

Barry: Welcome to Revenge 101, a master class in destroying your enemies.
Murray: This is already the greatest regret of my life.
Barry: All comments will be taken after the presentation.
Murray: Just get to it.
Barry: Lesson 1... get BUFF.
Bill Lewis: But that would take a lifetime of diet and exercise and a zest for life that your father clearly doesn't have.
Murray: Yeah, yeah, yeah, what he said.
Barry: No, the "B" is for "Bother."
Erica: Sure, teach what you know.
Barry: The "U" is for "Undermine." You need to spread gossip, gossip, gossip, gossip.
Bill Lewis: Is he a genius or a halfwit? I can't tell.
Barry: "F" is for "Fibbing." A gentle lie can work wonders.
Murray: Get to the last "F" so I can go back up to my chair.
Barry: And the final "F," of course, is for "F.L.O.R.F."
Bill Lewis: Sakes alive! Is that an acronym within an acronym?
Barry: Please, I don't even know what an acronym is.

Quote from Beverly

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Back in the '80s, my mom was at school as much as I was. She berated our principal, terrified our teachers, and embarrassed us with endless pop-ins. But I was finally a senior, which meant our time at William Penn was winding down... or so I thought.
Adam: Welp, this is my stop. A fine day to you, madame.
Beverly: Not so fast, mister. You have to pay the full fare. Beep boopity boop. Okay, that'll be three butterfly kisses and a head sniff.
Adam: You know what? Have at it.
Beverly: What? You never let me just have my way with your neck meat.
Adam: There's only 68 more drop-offs till I'm out of this place, so I figure, why fight it anymore?
Beverly: Well, a win's a win. Now, bring that luscious noggin over to Mama. What the hell?!

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Quote from Have a Summer

Principal Ball: I call your name, and then you go up and get the piece of paper. But no showboating, no speeches, and no doing the worm, Dave Kim. I am onto you.
Dave Kim: This is America, man.

Quote from Goldbergs Never Say Die

Dave Kim: Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop. Question. Which Goonie am I?
Adam: Oh, yeah, Dave Kim. Good question. Who's left? Let's see. Hmm, tough call. Well, Brand is taken, so-
Dave Kim: You wanted me to be Data.
Adam: What? No. I just invited all of my closest friends over to hang out.
Dave Kim: You've literally never invited me over before.
Adam: So you don't think we're friends. That really stings, Dave Kim really stings. But since you're here, you might as well wear this elaborate gadget and trench coat.