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Quote from Beverly in Bill's Wedding

Jane Bales: I introduced Bill and Dolores. I don't want you screwing this up.
Beverly: Please. I am the best party planner in Montgomery County, Southern New Jersey, and the entire Eastern seaboard south of Delaware.
Jane Bales: Well, that's impossible because I am. And the rest of the U.S. and Puerto Rico and Guam.
Beverly: I once threw myself a baby shower while I was giving birth.
Jane Bales: I threw a quinceañera for a 50-year-old white guy. It was super weird, but it was his day.
Beverly: I once threw a Cinco de Mayo party on Ocho de Octubre.
Jane Bales: I threw a surprise party for myself, and I had no idea.
Beverly: Thanks, but no, thanks. I have it covered.


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Quote from Murray

Beverly: Dolores, your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Murray and I will never forget ours.
Murray: Yeah, it was the dead of winter.
Beverly: July 3rd.
Murray: There was a chill in the air.
Beverly: The cake melted.
Murray: Memories. The slide show of my mind.

Quote from Bill Lewis

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Back in the '80s, my family had plenty of missteps when it came to love. But for one magic moment, it seemed like the gods of love were smiling on all of us. I was with Brea, Barry had Ren, and Erica and Geoff were as strong as ever. Even my dad's friend Bill Lewis had found someone.
Bill Lewis: My angel, Dolores, I promise to cherish you, and to listen to you recount your dreams no matter how dumb they are, and to smile when I eat what you call a taco salad. Why would you toss a pear in there?
Officiant: This is a courthouse. We don't have time for vows. Is your witness here?
Bill Lewis: Mur-man, you're up.
Murray: And I gotta tell you, I'm ready, except I'm not putting my hand on a Bible.
Officiant: I just need your signature.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Stop! Nobody sign a damn thing!
Bill Lewis: Oh, no. She found us. How?
Beverly: This morning Murray says he's going out for a walk, and naturally I assumed he's terminally ill or having an affair, so I followed him.
Bill Lewis: A walk, Murray? That's a lie as lazy as the man who told it.