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Quote from Mr. Glascott in Island Time

Beverly: I need you to be Adam's guidance counselor again.
Mr. Glascott: No, I did everything to get away from you. I switched my roster from A through M to N through Z, despite the fact that I was on the verge of some real breakthroughs with a couple of the D's.
Beverly: Of course, it would be a shame if the cruel, judgmental teens of William Penn found out about this.
Mr. Glascott: [gasps] Oh, no. You discovered my Prince tribute cabaret show.
Beverly: So moving. Even doves would cry.
Mr. Glascott: But that's not for the general public. It's for friends and family and industry if they're interested.


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Quote from Adam

Mr. Perott: Adam, these scores are not so hot. I thought nerds were good at math.
Adam: I'm more of a geek. W‐ We're still social and physical klutzes with quirky personalities, but we have intense passions for fringe interests.
Mr. Perott: And what's a dweeb?
Adam: Look, it's a rich continuum of discomfort, but what should I do about my test scores?

Quote from Beverly

Adam: Inside this envelope is my PSAT scores.
Beverly: The warm‐up test before the real test. Oh! The stakes have never been higher.
Pops: That sounds wrong, but sure.
Beverly: What's in this envelope could guarantee a full ride to an ivy or shame you into a state school, where your friends will be dentists, newspaper writers, and, God forbid, teachers.

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Quote from The Day After the Day After

Coach Mellor: What, you got no argument for that one?
Mr. Glascott: No, you're right. That movie has shaken me to my core. I have so many regrets.
Coach Mellor: You got about a week to fix 'em, Andre.
Mr. Glascott: Well, let's start with that one right there. My name is not Andre. I only said it was in college to make myself seem more interesting to the ladies.
Coach Mellor: Let it out.
Mr. Glascott: My name is Jonathan. And I love you, Lunch Lady Bernice! Are you out there? You're probably mashing potatoes.

Quote from Kara-Te

Mr. Glascott: I can't take this anymore. You want your kids in, they're in.
Pops: Oh, great! Which one?
Mr. Glascott: I don't know! Both of them? None of them? I really don't care! I mean, it's a stupid freakin' high school talent show! I had one moment of weakness where I tried to do something kind for your son. I apologize! All I care about now is that I owe 20 grand in student loans, I live in a studio apartment above a steaming hot dry cleaner, and I have a second job where I work as a pizza man, and occasionally I get to deliver pizzas to my students. Oh, also I have a parrot that I can't get rid of. They live for 80 years. Did you know that? Nobody tells you about that. You have to put them in your will! It's a nightmare! So, yeah, do whatever you wanna do, 'cause I really don't care!