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MTV Spring Break

‘MTV Spring Break’

Season 5, Episode 18 - Aired April 4, 2018

Barry and Erica take a trip to Florida to celenraye MTV Spring Break with Pops at his retirement village. Meanwhile, Beverly and Murray don't know what to do when Adam acts like an adult and owns up to destroying Beverly's expensive fur coat.

Quote from Murray

Beverly: No more TV. No more movies. No more Walkmans.
Murray: Gone! Gone! Tell him things, Bevy!
Beverly: Or G.I. Jims.
Murray: She's telling you!


Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Check it. I just spent the last four hours creating brand new punishments to remind Adam we're in charge.
Murray: "No video games, no smiley pancakes, no pillow forts, no acting in school musicals"
Beverly: Strike that one. I can't deprive the world of his brilliance.

Quote from Murray

Adam: Balls! Oh, God, oh, balls! I can't believe we were robbed!
Beverly: We really were. Those robbers came in and robbed us real bad.
Adam: So they found all your jewelry?
Beverly: Uh, no, no. They, uh, mostly just focused on this room, but, uh they broke all your toys and your tiny "Donkey Kong" machine.
Adam: But why?
Beverly: Adam, these are bad people. Yes. Bad people. There's no point in trying to figure out why they did this.
Adam: [coins jingle] They left my piggy bank.
Murray: It's just loose change.
Adam: And Pops' coin collection?
Murray: I think they were just trying to send a message. And the message is, "Don't ask any more questions about this crime."

Quote from Murray

Adam: We got to call the police.
Murray: No. If you call the police, they said they'd come back and kill you.
Adam: What?!
Beverly: What?
Adam: You talked to them?
Murray: They left a note!
Adam: Where is it? That's evidence.
Murray: It was written in blood on the wall!

Quote from Murray

Adam: I don't want to live here anymore!
Beverly: You don't need to be scared. You are a sweet boy who wants to buy batteries for his father for Father's Day.
Adam: Wait. How do you know I was gonna buy batteries for Father's Day?
Beverly: The robbers said so. It was in their blood message scrawled above your bed. So troubling.
Murray: It was your mother's idea.

Quote from Barry

Erica: I can't believe this. We were supposed to be having the craziest week of our lives.
Barry: I know! I was finally gonna live out my number one dream of riding a sea turtle.

Quote from Barry

Johnny Atkins: So what'd the po-po snag you guys for?
Erica: [chuckles] You know, just, uh, typical Spring Break craziness. [laughs] We, um [quietly] stole a knish.
Carla: What'd you say?
Johnny Atkins: Can't hear you, bro.
Erica: Stole a kni-
Johnny Atkins: What?
Carla: Enunciate!
Erica: We stole a knish, okay?
Johnny Atkins: Like, from a wet T-shirt contest?
Barry: Nope. Just a regular ol' knish at a retirement home.
Carla: You stole from old people, dude? That's not cool. My step-dad's old.

Quote from Adam

Beverly: Here, Mama fixed your Donkey King game. Let's just move on. Whoa!
Murray: What the hell is that?
Adam: M- Money. Just normal, everyday money.
Beverly: Where did you get all of this?
Adam: See. Lucky ate your wallet. [stammering] No, no, no! It was Ed McMahon! He stopped by to tell me I'd won the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes and gave me a big check, but I asked for it all in singles. No, no! Forget all that. I'm a stockbroker. No, wait! A CPA. No, wait! A male exotic dancer. Oh, God. I borrowed it from Dad, okay?
Murray: I didn't lend you that money!
Adam: I may have grabbed a dollar here and there for the past two years to save up for a DeLorean. You get it.

Quote from Murray

Beverly: I am very disappointed in your lies and deceit, mister! [to Murray] Oh, thank God! He's been robbing us blind! Our little baby is a thief.
Murray: He's as bad as the other morons! Maybe even worse.
Beverly: Now we have all our power back and I can go back to being a great mama again.
Murray: Whoo-hoo! I can yell at him again. [laughs] And I'm gonna yell at him but good.
Beverly: I know.

Quote from Pops

Barry: Hey, we woke up at five and booked a shuffleboard court. Who's ready to get hustled?
Erica: And I'm wearing a swim cap so I don't shed when we go for a non-splashy dip after.
Pops: Kiddo, you don't have to pretend to like this place on my account.
Erica: Look, we're sorry for what we said. You're not an altacocker.
Pops: Maybe I have slowed down a bit, but I don't want to hold you back. Go to the beach, have your MTV Spring Break.
Erica: It's not a Spring Break without you. Come on. Take my hand.
Pops: No, I'll just get in the way.
Barry: Okay, so you eat dinner super early and you called the SWAT team on our two-person knish party, but the Pops we know will always be the life of the party.
Pops: I always like a good party.

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