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Mama Drama

‘Mama Drama’

Season 2, Episode 2 -  Aired October 1, 2014

Adam's dream of being the lead in the school's production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" is quashed when he's cast as Todd the Apostle. Believing her son is lead star material, Beverly helps Adam be the lead in his own rival production, but the fame goes to his head and leaves Beverly with a difficult decision to make. Meanwhile, when Murray's hatred of traffic leads to him and Barry missing a historic hockey goal, Barry refuses to go to any more hockey matches with his dad.

Quote from Murray

Murray: You're crowding me. Come on, man. Your your jacket's puffing into my side.
Pops: So what? It's cold as hell in here. You think you can get them to turn the heat on?
Murray: No! There's a huge block of ice out there.


Quote from Beverly

Beverly: How did my sweet, little boy turn into such a monster?
Erica: You shifted the world so it entirely revolves around him.
Beverly: Of course! It's what I do! But usually someone steps in and stops me.

Quote from Murray

Murray: Hey.
Barry: Busy.
Murray: Too busy for the greatest rivalry in the history of hockey?
Barry: The Flyers-Rangers game? No way! Still not interested.
Murray: What if we stay till the end?
Barry: And get stuck in traffic? Why would you ever do that?
Murray: I miss you.
Barry: Say it again.
Murray: No.
Barry: You love me more than you hate traffic, say it!
Murray: You're a moron.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: I love you, Todd the apostle!

Quote from Beverly

Adam: The school is literally doing my favorite musical.
Beverly: It's fate. You're gonna become a musical-theater actor. That's every mother's dream for her son!

Quote from Adam

Dana: Man, how are you so calm?
Adam: Eh, Miss Cinoman kind of implied that I blew her mind whatever.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Well, we don't have a lot of options when it comes to leading ladies. I suppose I could maybe be the one to -
Adam: You cannot.
Beverly: This is a show for children. Got it. Well, if it can't be me and I think we've ruled that out.
Adam: We have.

Quote from Murray

Pops: I think this is about Barry.
Murray: Oh, please. It is not.
Pops: It's obvious you want to be here with him.
Murray: Well, I do miss the moron a little.

Quote from Pops

Murray: Hockey was our thing.
Pops: Then just sit in traffic already. It's that simple.
Murray: Traffic is non-negotiable.
Pops: Murray, sometimes you have to do things you hate for the people that you love.

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