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La Biblioteca Es Libros

‘La Biblioteca Es Libros’

Season 2, Episode 19 -  Aired April 15, 2015

Beverly refuses to accept her child isn't perfect when Adam gets an F in Spanish class. After  Beverly goes down to the school to confront the teacher, she ends up hiring Senor Taraborelli as a tutor for Adam, rather than moving him to remedial classes. When the kids must give an oral presentation in Spanish class, Beverly's blind confidence in Adam can only get him so far. Meanwhile, Murray is impressed when Barry gets a job delivering pizzas. Murray's treatment of "working man" Barry irritates Erica, who has been working hard for years without any respect from Murray.

Quote from Beverly

Senora Taroborelli: Mrs. Goldberg, I have been teaching Spanish for well over a decade.
Beverly: And have you adequately kept up with changes to the language?
Senora Taroborelli: I'm pretty sure it's set in stone.


Quote from Barry

Barry: Every street in this city can tell you a story about Barry Goldberg. Some are pretty hard to talk about. A lot of bad memories. I struggle with stuff. Point is, I know the streets good.

Quote from Beverly

Pops: You see what's going on, right?
Beverly: You mean the way his face gets more delicious the more you look at it?

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Don't you worry, schmoo. Your teacher may have failed you, but not your momma. I will see to it that you ace that oral presentation.
Adam: You're even worse at Spanish than I am. It's hopeless. I should just go down to remedial.
Beverly: A presentation has nothing to do with knowledge. It's all about flash.
Pops: I'm pretty sure it's all about Spanish words.
Beverly: No, it's about showmanship. You're a natural performer and with my help, you will dazzle them with your talent, grace and dignity.

Quote from Murray

Murray: Who gets a job and ends up owing them money?
Barry: Me! I'm sorry. I had finally had your respect and I got fired in two days.
Murray: Eh, don't beat yourself up.
Erica: What now?
Murray: He's going through a rough patch. Did I ever tell you about the time I got fired from the deli for refusing to wear a hair net?

Quote from Barry

Barry: How many years' experience do I have as a CPA? Let me answer that with a follow up question, what is a CPA?

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: I see the situation slightly differently.
Senora Taroborelli: How's that?
Beverly: I see it entirely as your fault.

Quote from Beverly

Adam: Please be nice. She's a lovely, but fragile woman.
Beverly: Well, I'm lovely but pissed.

Quote from Adam

Pops: Congrats, kid. Let's hear a little of the old Espanol.
Adam: Well ... I'm not quite ready to talk and stuff. Me and my tutor/teacher work mostly in English.
Pops: Really?
Adam: Yeah, she's got this amazing technique where even if I don't know I know the answer, she reminds me I do know it by telling it to me.
Beverly: Yay! My baby's learning. Little senor.

Quote from Erica

Barry: Dad's giving me a beer 'cause I'm a working man.
Erica: What? I work and I like beer. I've said too much. I should go.

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