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Jackie Likes Star Trek

‘Jackie Likes Star Trek’

Season 5, Episode 5 - Aired October 25, 2017

As their couples Halloween costume causes tension between Adam and Jackie, Murray offers some advice on compromise from his long marriage. Meanwhile, Barry and Lainey question their long-distance romance.

Quote from Lainey

Lainey: I'm sorry I ditched you, but I did leave a note on the punch bowl.
Erica: Oh, you mean this sticky red napkin that says "Bye"?


Quote from Lainey

Lainey: I was really hoping it would work.
Barry: Us, or the Ouija?
Lainey: Both. I'll always love you, Barry Goldberg. You know that, right?

Quote from Adam

Adam: That's an A+. 4.0 GPA! Hittin' the books, makin' the grades! That is some quality craftsmanship. Hand sewn! [Bad Spanish accent] Rich Corinthian leather! [Normal voice] Great stuff, fine work. Not work, play. All work and no play makes Adam a dull boy. [Bad British accent] Hello, Nurse! The doctor's in! Your prescription's ready!
Jackie: You know what? Let's just pick this back up tomorrow?
Adam: That seems reasonable.

Quote from Adam

Adult Adam: [v.o.] When Jackie kissed me, I lost all sense of space, time, and words.
Adam: Myo! Yes! Ed McMahon! You are correct, sir!

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