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Happy Mom, Happy Life

‘Happy Mom, Happy Life’

Season 2, Episode 15 -  Aired March 4, 2015

When Dana and Adam are assigned a Cabbage Patch Kid to take care of as if it were a child, Beverly's interference as a grand-smother threatens their project. Meanwhile, Erica is annoyed that Lainey is spending all her time with Barry. To get back at him, Erica takes over the JTP, but being leader has its unexpected consequences.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Did they entrust the baby to you over me? Over me?
Ow! Ow!


Quote from Beverly

Dana: Read the label.
Beverly: "Lettuce crop child" Oh, that is unfortunate.

Quote from Beverly

Adam: Look, it's not Dana's fault. Please don't fail her. Fail me.
Beverly: No, it's my fault. If you're gonna fail anyone, fail me.
Miss Cinoman: I can't fail you, Mrs. Goldberg. You're an adult. Also, why are you here?
Dana: Yeah, Adam. Why is she here?
Beverly: I'm just trying to help, like any good bubbie would.
Dana: A good bubbie doesn't lose her grandchild.
Beverly: I heard that. Bubbies hear everything.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Oh, God, Mur. Butting out is so hard.
Murray: Yeah, but look at him. He's having so much fun. Doesn't that make you happy?
Beverly: Damn it, it does.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Baby's got poopoos. Let me change her.

Quote from Barry

Barry: Here's the deal, fellas. You're all so insanely awesome that Erica loves you all equally, okay? For her to choose one of you would literally break her brain in half, sending her into a coma forever.

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