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Family Takes Care of Beverly

‘Family Takes Care of Beverly’

Season 2, Episode 5 -  Aired October 29, 2014

After Pops accidentally burns down his apartment during a Halloween party, he gets evicted so Beverly moves him into the family home. Murray is put out by Pops' active lifestyle and decides to look at other housing options. Meanwhile, after Barry stops Erica from eating Pop Rocks candy with soda, he believes he saved her life and that she owes him.

Quote from Erica

Erica: An obstructed bowel. Didn't see that coming.
Barry: Who knew eating 12 full-sized Taffy bars and drinking all that pink goop would block me up?
Erica: Most people.


Quote from Beverly

Beverly: There you are! My delicious little baby, I am so sorry I wasn't home when they called.
Barry: Mom, please!
Beverly: Your poor, clogged bottom!
Barry: Nurse! Nurse!

Quote from Beverly

Barry: Dude! You just, like, saved my life! Thank you.
Beverly: You don't have to thank me. It's my job! But according to Bushido code, you will have to re-pay me.
Barry: You know about Bushido code?
Beverly: Oh, I watched Shogun. That Richard Chamberlain - Meow.
Barry: Fine. What'd you want?
Beverly: I want snuggies.
Barry: Oh, come on!
Beverly: I want huggies, and cuddlies and smoochies.
Barry: No!
Beverly: I want 'em.
Barry: No!
Beverly: I want 'em.
Barry: I chose the warrior death instead. Put the taco back in my mouth!
Beverly: Bushido code! You have no honor.

Quote from Lainey

Barry: (Rapping) I'd do anything for a girl named Lainey Yeah! I'll punch a tiger, swim the Allegheny. I know it's creepy 'cause I'm her best friend's brother but I love her, and we should be together. Like Joanie loves chachi, Tango loves Cash, she's the Turner to my Hooch, I'll be the bangers in your mash.
Erica: Oh, my God! Stop!
Barry: Don't stop! "L" to the "y" to the "n" to the "e" that spells Lainey. That's a rap from Big Tasty.
Lainey: First of all, you spelled my name horribly wrong. And secondly, Erica never talked to me about you.

Quote from Beverly

Adam: Wait, what? So now I'm taking care of you and Barry.
Beverly: Just me. We'll find a place for Barry. Maybe the merchant marines or a commune.

Quote from Murray

Adult Adam: [v.o.] We actually believed if you played Led Zeppelin, Beatles, or the Stones Backwards, you could hear hidden satanic messages.
Adam: Did you hear that? He said he loves Satan!
Murray: You know what I love? Silence! Stop screwing with my record player!

Quote from Erica

Erica: I talked to Lainey about this weekend. It's a no-go. Oh, it's a scheduling issue?
Barry: Tell her I'm available Monday through Friday and every other weekend ever plus all other weekdays.
Erica: Yeah, no, that's not the issue. She thinks you're.. How do I put this gently? Gross.

Quote from Beverly

Adam: Why can't you just stay in a hotel and visit every once in a while?
Beverly: A hotel? Where the maid can steal my jewelry and someone can break in and clonk me on the head?

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